In our offer we offer tax consulting in the form of regular cooperation with the client. We provide ongoing consulting on tax problems which arise on a daily basis in the company under a one-off negotiated order. It lets our clients to be provided with a regular staff base being responsible for monitoring all tax aspects of their business. The provided tax consulting enables us to provide our clients with effective solutions designed on the grounds of full knowledge of their economic and tax standing.

At the same time, we are able to dynamically manage our one-off order which specifies all the necessary resources and project implementation schedule. Each and every time we select a project team which consists of specialists with extensive professional experience.

Doradztwo podatkowe

1. Economic analyses on taxation

All the dynamic changes occurring in the tax environment and market economy force entrepreneurs to constantly adjust their operation to the current tax state-determined tax policies.

We perform economic analyses on taxation in the form of interdisciplinary research on issues related to the imposition and payment of public levies and charges. Our assessments and comments cover strategic issues in the scope of applicable tax law. We identify the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a given form of taxation of specific economic events, both from an entrepreneur’s business and legal point of view. We run research studies on the budgetary impact of legislative changes in tax law and the financial area. Our economic analyses may constitute an relevant tool aimed to support the public finance management system by the public administration bodies.

2. Tax reports and opinions

We prepare all reports and opinions on the basis of analysis of legislation as well as domestic and international tax practice. In our reports we take into account the most recent decisions of the tax authorities as well as judgments issued by the Supreme Administrative Court, Provincial Administrative Courts and the European Court of Justice. Based on our tax audits conducted in the company, we present the actual state of economic events, assess the accuracy and correctness of settlements of the analysed issues and recommendations which provide practical advice to prevent negative fiscal effects.

3. Tax Compliance

We draft solutions in the field of effective tax risk management. We provide assistance in fulfilling tax obligations. In a simple and transparent manner, we offer simplified methods to fulfil tax obligations ensuring that all the requirements related to conducting business in Poland and abroad have been met.

The range of tax advisory services provided by our team covers:

  • assessment of planned tax strategies, verification of their compliance with the tax law,
  • analysis of contracts and agreements taking into account tax implications for given transaction parties,
  • examination of training needs, provision of trainings in the field of the tax law and its application, including legislative changes,
  • preparation of draft applications for individual tax law interpretations,
  • verification of prepared tax returns (including CIT, PIT, VAT, excise tax, tax on civil-law transactions)
  • assessing the legality of existing structures of established or planned-to-establish companies, partnerships and other forms of conducting business,
  • verification of transfer pricing documentation,
  • preparation of tax cost calculations on future or occurring economic events
  • preparation of procedural documentation addressed to the tax and customs-tax authorities
  • preparation of tax policies in a given company, capital group and tax capital group,
  • representation of entities in tax and customs-tax proceedings and inspections,
  • representation in judicial and administrative proceedings.


Alicja Tołwińska Ph.D

Managing Associate

Ph.D in Economics in the discipline of management sciences, tax advisor (entry no. 13248). Graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Białystok and the Postgraduate Studies in Accounting and Business Finance at the Warsaw School of Economics. Practitioner in the field of law application and assessment of the legality of corporate tax strategies. She specialises in financial reporting, tax and criminal analysis, tax risk management, public finance and tax proceedings.

She gained her professional experience in the field of taxation while working in the Ministry of Finance within 2005-2017. She held, among others, the position of the director of the Tax Inspection Office, the deputy head of the Customs and Tax Office, tax control inspector, and the head of the analysis department. She was the internal trainer at the Centre for Vocational Education at the Ministry of Finance and the National School of Treasury. She holds the title of a business trainer at the 5th European Qualifications Framework level, as well as a criminal analyst’s qualifications obtained at the Police Academy in Szczytno.

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