The CHWP Group specialises in legal and financial services for large business entities. The world’s most significant and reputable brands are among our clients. Our advisors form an international team of experienced experts. Each of our offices offers access to the global expertise and the same top quality service. Specific sector of the economy? Perfect. Business in an exotic country? Superb. Business knows no limits. We are always close by.

Legal consultancy

We specialise in providing services to large business entities representing the world’s most significant and reputable brands

Tax consultancy

We provide a comprehensive analysis and assessment of economic events in terms of tax consequences

Financial consulting

We make use of innovative technological solutions in the area of financial analysis

General Regulation on the protection of personal data

Our experts offer legal services – compliance audit, risk assessment, assistance in implementation

Eastern Department

It specialises in servicing Polish companies on the eastern markets and foreign companies on the Polish market

Sectors of the economy

We serve a wide scope of industries, knowing their specificity of operation

Our Clients

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