About Chałas & Partners Law Firm

Chałas and Partners is one of the leading law firms in Poland. It focuses on servicing large businesses. As the firm specialises in servicing large business entities, leading foreign corporations are the largest group of its clients. On the Polish and European markets, Chałas & Partners Law Firm has been known for the implementation of large and complex projects and transactions.

Thanks to the network structure, our Clients have unlimited access to the international legal expertise, practical knowledge of local markets and resources which can only be guaranteed by an international company. Established in Warsaw in 1995, it has been among the top ten best law firms in Poland for years.

Consultancy for domestic and international companies is provided by our team of diligently selected lawyers. Our legal services cover all areas of business. The dominant specialisations are as follows: corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, energy law, intellectual property, new technologies and information protection, litigation, taxes, services provided to eastern markets. Chałas & Partners Law Firm has implemented complex projects for the following sectors: energy, chemical, petrochemical, transport, (tele)-IT, food, construction, banking, FMCG.

Chałas and Partners has an international profile – legal services are provided through a network of offices and associated law firms located in more than 20 countries around the world. Our international team of lawyers offers clients integrated legal advisory services at the highest quality level.

Awards and distinctions

Our Law Firm Worldwide

Chałas & Partners Law Firm is one of the few Polish law firms with global presence. It provides legal advice in a number of foreign languages and the scale of its operations covers 20 countries on 4 continents: Europe, Asia and both Americas. Our Law Firm’s offices are located in:

  • Kazachstan– Almaty,
  • Ukraine – Kiev,
  • Germany – Berlin.

For our Clients a global expertise is crucial. So is a simultaneous deep understanding of the local economic conditions and customs. A good example is the Law Firm’s office in Kazakhstan, which in cooperation with other associated law firms handles the most complex projects in Central Asia region. Chałas & Partners Law Firm is also at the forefront of advising undertakings operating in Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to its Kyiv office support and the collaboration with numerous associated offices, the Law Firm provides legal advice to companies from both the European Union, Central Europe (non-EU countries) and Russia.

The network of associated trusted foreign law firms operating in Asia, Europe and both Americas covers the following countries and main cities:

  • Russia – Moscow
  • Belarus – Minsk
  • Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar
  • Romania – Bucharest, Cluj Napoca
  • Bulgaria – Sofia
  • Czech Republic – Prague
  • Slovakia – Bratislava
  • Germany – Berlin, Frankfurt am Mein, Hamburg, Bremen
  • USA – New York, Chicago, Key West, Salt Lake City, New Hartwort
  • The Bahamas – Freeport, Nassau
  • Brazil – Sao Paulo

  • Argentina – Buenos Aires
  • Chile – Santiago
  • Mexico – Mexico City
  • Spain – Madrid
  • Italy – Milano
  • India – New Delhi
  • China – Shanghai
  • Panama – Panama City
  • Costa Rica – San Jose
  • Ecuador – Guaguquil

Thanks to joining the prestigious Zumpano, Paticios & Winker law firms network, the Clients of Chałas & Partners Law Firm can benefit from an unlimited access to global expertise helping them to run their business even in the most distant parts of the world. If our Clients requires legal expertise in any other location, Chałas & Partners Law Firm renders its services through a number of affiliated law firms worldwide.

Our Clients

CHWP Law’s Partners

Jarosław Chałas

Managing Partner
  • Founder of Chałas & Partner Law Firm.
  • Specialises in M&A transactions, restructuring and commercial contracts.
  • Adviser and transactor of large-scale privatisation projects of domestic key enterprises.
  • Adviser to companies and capital groups on restructuring and investments projects.
  • A member of management of a number of companies as, in particular, President of a Supervisory Board of Messenger Service Stolica SA (now UPS Polska Sp. z o.o.), a member of a Supervisory Board of Mostostal Zabrze Holding SA, President Deputy of Radomska Wytwórnia Telekomunikacyjna SA
  • A coordinator in Poland by Zumpano, Patricios & Winker, international law firms network.
  • Business Centre Club expert on business law.
  • Arbitrator of the PKPP Lewiatan Court of Arbitration.
  • Arbitrator of the Arbitration Court at the Cracow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Independent Expert of the Consulting Engineers Association (SIDiR).
  • A member of the Management Board of Baltic Business Forum.
  • One of the most frequently cited expert by leading media in Poland.
  • Speaks Russian, English.
  • Author of numerous publications and many books. One of the most influential legal experts in Poland. He hosted two original legal programs in TVP3 and TVN-CNBC.
  • Winner of many awards and distinctions, among others Optimist of the Year 2017, Personality of the Year 2016, Top-5 managing partners of Gazeta Finanowa 2016, Manager of the Year 2010.

Bogdan Fischer, PhD

  • Specialises in new technologies, data protection, including personal data protection, and intellectual property.
  • Adviser on complex projects in the IT industry.
  • Intellectual property and media law expert, with particular expertise in the law of advertising and unfair competition.
  • Adviser of he leading representatives of media and advertising market.
  • Focuses his practice on specified aspects of EU law, particularly on transfer of personal data to third countries, personal data protection and transfer issues, intellectual property protection, computer crime and data potection.
  • Arbitrator of the Arbitration Court for Domain-names Disputes both at Polish Chamber of IT and Telecommunication and Polish Chamber of Commerce.
  • An academic of the Jagiellonian University in the scope of media, press and copyright law.
  • Author of numerous scientific works and articles
  • Speaks English.

Halina Kwiatkowska

  • Specialises in corporate and transactional advisory, with particular expertise in M&A transactions.
  • Tax and employment law specialist
  • Advises on complex restructuring projects, including mergers, transformations and divisions.
  • Adviser in capital acquisition processes both from public market and private equity.
  • Arbitrator of the Arbitration Court at the Cracow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Author of numerous publications, co-author of a numer of commentaries, including Commentary on Labour Code, Commentary on the Act on Business Information Disclosure.
  • Speaks English, Italian.

Our specialties

Personal data administration


Corporate and Transactions


Real estates and construction law


Restructuring and bankruptcy law


Public procurement


Transportation law


Employment legislation


Trial and arbitration


Energy law and environmental protection


Pharmaceutical, medical and food law


Competition law


Weapons industry and air law


Sport law


Telecomunicaton law


Press law


Intellectual property: new technology and information security