Protection of the Image and Personal Property

In the era of social media, deep fake and other opportunities created by new technologies, the protection of image and personal rights has taken a completely new dimension that requires a non-standard approach. We understand the changes taking place and follow the dynamically changing legislation in this area, thanks to which we provide effective and comprehensive advice.

Service description

As part of consulting:
  • we take comprehensive measures to protect personal rights, including reputation, image, good name, (company) name, clientele,
  • we advise on commercial use,
  • we use dedicated solutions for the client taking into account the construction of copyright, civil law, unfair competition, provision of electronic services (e-privacy), personal data, legally protected secrets, etc.,
  • we represent clients at the transaction level,
  • we represent at the level of dispute, from settlement talks through representation in proceedings at all instances and before the Supreme Court in court proceedings before civil courts, as well as acting as an attorney or defense attorney at all instances in criminal proceedings,
  • we represent in disputes regarding infringement of personal rights, as a result of public statements, the content of press articles, posts on social networks, etc.,
  • we prepare legal opinions regarding infringement of personal rights,
  • we undertake comprehensive actions related to the media crisis.

Contact persons

dr Joanna Uchańska

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