Compliance and advocacy for the Life Science & Healthcare market

Advocacy is a professional form of representation of an entity before public authorities, in particular legislative ones (at the stage of legislative processes or public consultations), at the national and international level, and in contacts with industry organizations or competitors. The advantage of this solution is the pursuit of your own business goals using the external perspective of an experienced consultant.

Service description

As part of the services we provide, we offer, among others:
  • legal support in the area of ​​compliance: creating compliance programs, in particular with competition law; compliance officer support; conducting trainings and creating compliance policies,
  • representation in industry organizations,
  • representation during conferences and workshops
  • organizing training and consultations,
  • preparing opinions and positions regarding draft legal acts, future national legal solutions, their assessment in the light of international and EU law,
  • representation in public consultations and at other stages of the legislative process,
  • representation before public authorities (preparation of positions within legislative processes for industry organizations, but also for individual entities; representation at consensus conferences),
  • corporate support in establishing associations, foundations and associating organizations.

Contact persons

dr Joanna Uchańska

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