Trademark monitoring

Service description

As part of managing our clients’ trademarks, we offer the following services:  
  • Constant monitoring of new reports in Poland,
  • Constant monitoring of new reports in the European Union,
  • Drafting and raising objections,
  • Participation in opposition proceedings before the Patent Office.
ATTENTION! Due to the change in the regulations on trademarks, since April 2016, the Patent Office has not verified whether new applications infringe the rights of third parties, in particular the rights to earlier protected trademarks. Currently, it is the responsibility of the proprietors of protected trademarks to constantly monitor all new trademark applications for possible collisions, in particular similarity to the protected trademark. In practice, the only effective way to block the possibility of obtaining protection against a conflict of law mark is to submit an appropriate objection to the Patent Office. Importantly, an objection may only be filed within 3 months from the publication of information on a new trademark application. Therefore, it is extremely important to constantly monitor all new trademarks. The monitoring of trademarks, as well as other industrial property rights, is additionally an extremely valuable marketing tool. This is because it enables constant tracking of competitors’ activities, including obtaining “first-hand” information on new products or services introduced to the market. Monitoring does not have to relate directly to specific trademarks. It is possible to monitor a selected industry, company, product or service.

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