Food, dietary supplements and FSMP

As part of our legal services, we offer support at various stages of the product’s life:

Service description

  • Consulting related to research and research and development works, in particular co-financing of ongoing projects,
  • Support in the qualification of products, in particular the so-called borderline products,
  • Support in the notification procedure, as well as in connection with the investigation conducted by the authorities regarding product qualification; representation before the sanitary (State Sanitary Inspection), pharmaceutical (Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate), Trade Inspection or the Commercial Quality Inspection of Agricultural and Food Products, as well as courts,
  • Negotiating, preparing, giving opinions and verifying contracts, production, production, distribution (including shaping distribution models) and others,
  • Preparation of analyzes and legal opinions on food law, including the implementation of the rights and obligations of producers and distributors, health requirements, and foodstuffs; materials and products intended to come into contact with food, hygiene requirements and food control,
  • Assessment of the sales regulations,
  • Advice on product liability – risk analysis, handling of food products identified as potentially dangerous, activities related to product recall,
  • Corporate consulting (servicing a food industry company),
  • Training and workshops,
  • Audits,
  • Preparation of personalized practical guides for the conducted activity,
  • Audits and giving opinions on advertising campaigns, advertising materials, while identifying legal risks and image crises,
  • Advice on the use of nutritional and health claims,
  • Identifying advertising restrictions,
  • Preparation of analyzes and opinions on food labeling, information and advertising for consumers and specialists in relation to food products, including dietary supplements and FSMP,
  • Support in connection with proceedings in the field of illegal advertising before public authorities (eg the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection) and industry organizations (eg the Advertising Ethics Committee).
  • Support for traditional advertising, native advertising, cooperation with bloggers and influencers,
  • Support in image crises. Designing models of counteracting image crises.

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