Industrial designs

Industrial designs

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Basic information

What is this
Industrial design

An industrial design is the external form (appearance) of a product, e.g. packaging, furniture, footwear, clothing, everyday items.

protection requirements Industrial design

In order for an industrial design to be protected, it must meet the following requirements: it must relate to the form of a product or part thereof, it must be new and have an individual character.

Industrial design

A registration right is granted for an industrial design. Design registration rights are granted for 25 years from the date of filing the application with the Patent Office, divided into five-year periods.

Stages of the Industrial Design Submission Procedure

Research on the state of the art

Assessment of the chances of obtaining protection.

Application of an industrial design for protection
Preparation of application documentation
to the competent patent office.

Formal and legal verification
Examination of documentation by the Office

Substantive analysis of the subject of the notification by the Office

Granting protection
Decision on granting the right in registration

Failure to protect an industrial design may
expose your business to losses.

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Analyzes, research and recommendations on the possibility of obtaining protection.

Preparation of complete application documentation for the Patent Office in Poland, the EU and other countries of the world.

Correspondence with the Patent Office during the examination of the application

Supervising deadlines and official fees.

We support our clients mainly in Poland and the European Union, but also in the so-called international procedure before WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) under which it is possible to obtain protection in over 60 countries of the world, incl. in the USA, Japan and Russia.

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