Our Eastern Department offers unique legal services in relation to the following areas:

  • legal services for the Polish entities involved in ventures in the Eastern Europe, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan under the local laws (we work in the Polish, Russian and Ukrainian language),
  • legal services for the Eastern Europe entities under the Polish laws rendered in the Polish and Ukrainian language.

Our team is comprised of lawyers with extensive experience gathered in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Many of them are native speakers, which is our great asset and advantage when rendering services in the Eastern Europe.

Our selected legal services include:

  • Contracts:
    • analyzing and drafting investment agreements,
    • analyzing and drafting cross-border commercial agreements.
  • Day-to-day corporate legal advisory:
    • day-to-day services for companies, including entities with foreign capital,
    • drafting agreement, Statutes, by-laws and other organizational documentation,
    • advisory in relation to transformations of companies, including drafting and implementation of relevant documentation,
    • establishment of companies, branches and representative offices.
  • Employment law, including labor disputes:
    • information and legal services in relation to various form of employment, as well as termination of employment,
    • drafting management contracts,
    • representing Clients in labor disputes.
  • Tax advisory:
    • representing companies in tax related disputes,
    • taxation of foreigners and profits earned in foreign jurisdictions,
    • double taxation issues.
  • Representing Clients in court proceedings:
    • proceedings relating contractual obligations, debt collection, compensation, indemnity and enforcement proceedings,
    • insolvency proceedings, including both liquidations and settlements with creditors.
  • Customs procedures, foreign exchange law and import licenses:
    • advisory in relation to customs issues, including import and export, selection of proper customs procedure, classification of goods and drafting documentation relating to preliminary decisions of the Russian customs office regarding classification of goods,
    • advisory in relation to certification of goods and issuance of import licenses,
    • assistance in calculating customs values,
    • advisory in relation to foreign exchange law, including customs inspection issues and drafting various commercial agreements in accordance with foreign exchange law.


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