Due to a rapid increase in investments of Russian companies made in Poland and a continuous growth of trade volumes between those countries each year, Chałas & Partners has created a specialized Russian Desk to provide a confident support to the activities of Russian investors on the territory of Poland. Based in the head office in Warsaw, Russian Desk comprises Polish and Russian lawyers, who provide a top legal expertise and advice to Russian speaking clients. With an extensive experience in the area of business law, Russian Desk experts share a genuine knowledge and understanding of running business in Russia providing their assistance in Russian. Chałas & Partners’ Russian Desk advises under both Polish and Russian laws providing a full range of legal services to entities operating on a Russian market and specialist advice related to opening a business activity by Russian speaking clients in Poland. Russian Desk lawyers focus their practice on corporate and contractual law, customs and other areas of law of Russian Federation:

  • Corporate law
  • Employment
  • Taxes
  • Litigation
  • Customs and currency law
  • Client-oriented legal advice on investments

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